COVID-19 Protocols

The health and safety of our Fieldstone Farm community is our top priority. As a result, the following guidelines have been established to protect our students, participants, staff, volunteers and community members with the guidance of our state and local public health officials, the Centers for Disease Control and PATH Intl.

Travel & Quarantine Recommendation
The CDC’s high-risk states continue to be monitored and an interview by the Chief Operating Officer is required in order to determine your safe return to the farm.

Daily Health Screening
Upon arrival, volunteers, participants and family members are asked the health screening questions and their temperature is taken.

Health Screening Questions:

  • Are you feeling unwell? Tired, body aches, sore throat, GI upset, etc.
  • Have you or anyone you know shown symptoms of COVID-19? (These include: shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, coughing, fever, sore throat, prolonged sneezing, body aches, GI upset, loss of taste/smell, etc.)
  • Did anyone in your household (spouse, significant other, child, roommate, etc.) encounter a co-worker or anyone who is symptomatic?
  • Has anyone in your household been exposed to anyone else who has tested positive or has had symptoms (being treated as a positive case) for COVID-19?

Disinfecting Procedures

  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility
  • All participants, staff, volunteers and visitors are required to wear masks when in common areas and in class
  • Carriage driving participants and Able Bodied Whips are required to wear masks and face shields when in the carriage

Exposure Guidelines
If someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, resides in a household with someone diagnosed or works with someone who is diagnosed, he/she is required to:

  • Quarantine for 14 days
  • If someone becomes sick while at Fieldstone Farm, they should notify a staff member, go home immediately, self-isolate and call their doctor

If someone at Fieldstone is diagnosed with COVID-19, according to the CDC guidelines, in most cases the facility will not be shut down. Any areas used by the person diagnosed will be closed off and thoroughly disinfected.

People in close contact with the individual for a prolonged period of time, will be notified because they would be at the highest risk for infection. Fieldstone will not share the name of anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 or the name of anyone who has been in close contact with someone diagnosed with the virus, unless permission is received to do so.

Return to Fieldstone Farm
After symptomatic with COVID-19 (non-tested) or positive COVID-19 diagnosis, please contact Leslie Mapes, or 440-708-0013 ext. 131, to determine a time for a safe return.

Student Helmets

  • To reduce the spread of infection, students are encouraged to purchase their own helmet.
  • If a student forgets their helmet, or is in the process of getting their own helmet, they can borrow from Fieldstone Farm. The helmet will be disinfected after every use.

Facility Protective Measures

  • Everyone on the property will be advised to avoid physical contact with others and keep 6’ social distancing, where possible.
  • HVAC fans run 24 hours/day to circulate air
  • HVAC filters upgraded to support COVID reduction
  • In-office air cleaners run continually
  • Dividers set up to separate staff who sit less than 6’ apart