How y’all doing!? I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell ya a little bit about me, CJ  (pictured right). Well, I am a 14.2 hand chestnut Quarter Horse gelding born in 2003. Yes, I know, I have a baby face. It gets me lots of attention because I am so cute, lol! My personality is just as cute too! I love interacting with people – I am just very social. I really like attention and having a job. You will see when you get the chance to work with me.

I was donated with my best friend Bert – we grew up together – in August 2021. Don’t worry, with all my friends here, I am not distracted by him. I get to live next door to him, so I know he is here if I need support. But honestly, I am such a friendly guy that I feel so comfortable with all my new buds. They are tons of fun. I think Pilgrim is my favorite, but don’t tell Bert, lol!

Anyway, my donor, Wendy Bishop, thought this would be a great place for me. I really like lots of activity and variety. See, Wendy and I went on lots of trail rides, team penning and ranch obstacle courses. Such fun!

I guess you could say that I am an active fella and like to keep busy. I can walk with a purpose to start – I am just excited to start class. I do have a bit of a quicker forward trot. I have quite the athletic build, so it makes it easy to move freely. I am a sensitive guy and prefer verbal cues. I promise I will listen. If you need a gentle half halt if I get too speedy, I understand that as well.

I am the perfect size for grooming and I certainly enjoy it. I have summer allergies, hives to be exact, but I am on meds to control them. You might notice one or two when grooming me if I am going through a bad spell. I also might be a little itchy. A cool sponging after class certainly helps me.

I do well with the activities in class. You will notice I am attentive to everything going on. I like to be very aware of my surroundings, so my cute little head might be held a little higher than you are used to. When you are a bit shorter, you have to pick your head up lots higher to see everything.

In addition to these programs, you will see me with the round pen activities. I get to bond one-on-one with a student – so cool and I am good at it! Again, I am a very personable fella so this is a great way for me to share and teach.

Well, I have taken more than a few minutes of your time; the rest of my personality you will see when we work together. Looking forward to meeting you all. Thanks for helping me and guiding me so I can be the best I can be.

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