Cody sized


Generously donated by
Jim and Shelene Studzinski

My name is Cody. I am an eye-catching buckskin, Quarter Horse, gelding, born in 2008. I was donated in October of 2019 by Jim and Shelene Studzinski. They knew that with my strong work ethic and love for attention, I would be happy here!

I am a versatile size of 14.1 hands. I can carry a small adult or little kids. Prior to arriving, I was mostly ridden Western on the trails. I have some ‘ring’ experience, but I was not a show horse. I am a very quick learner and I always try to please. You may need to give me a little guidance at first. I respond very well to verbal cues and am always listening for them. I appreciate the help! Being a Western horse, I neck rein perfectly.

I enjoy being groomed as much as I like to work in lessons! Heck, I just love attention. You can’t miss me in the aisle. Chances are I will be waiting for you to come get me for class and will spot you first! With my size and overall attitude, I am a valuable asset to the Fieldstone team.

I am a solid, sturdy built guy. I am not afraid of anything! All the activities in the ring are great. I tend to pick up the pace a little on trail. I kind of “walk with a purpose” out there. In general, I have an active walk as you will see, and a very comfy trot. Sometimes, I can get a little quick at the trot because I like to work so much. You may need to give me a gentle half halt reminder to slow down a little bit.

Thank you in advance for the reminders as I learn. Happy to be here and be a part of this great program – see ya soon!