Dash Tips

Dash can look pretty silly with his tongue sticking out all the time, but it is very normal for him. He’s a sensitive soul who can get anxious when his neighbors are out of their stalls and he is left behind. This also transfers to going out on trail during class. He likes to be near the front of the line.

When leading him into the crossties, please be sure to take your time, and pay attention to him. He will walk right out if you try to go too quickly.

He’s pretty easy to lead, but has long legs so he does move out a little faster at the trot. Just use your words and gentle half-halts to keep him at a nice pace. He is not too fond of some of the games that are played in the arena, so you’ll be instructed as to which games he will and won’t play. If he gets nervous, use a calm voice to help him relax.