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Generously donated by
Ali Mandovi

Hi there folks!  My name is Empire.  I am a handsome 16.1-hand chestnut Oldenburg gelding. Born in 2001, I was donated to Fieldstone in October of 2012 by Ali Mandovi.  I was shown locally as a hunter with local trainer Megan Bash. Some of you who board at Scenic Run may have known me as ‘Milk’ – that was my barn nickname.

I love it here at Fieldstone.  I have some arthritis in my front ankle which caused me to retire from the show ring.  I can’t keep jumping like I did as a youngster. But here, I am a steady, easy going guy, and am great at teaching riders to post and I also help them gain confidence as they become more independent.

Here’s what you need to know about me. Since I have arthritis, I may start out a little stiff, but I quickly work out of it.  I like to be groomed, but I can be a little sensitive to brushing. I prefer the vacuum.  You may notice that I have a brand on the lower part of my left hip, which is for identification purposes.  I also have an old scar in my right eye but not to worry – I see everything fine.  I am eager to get to work and meet everyone!