Generously sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Allison

Hey everyone!  My name is Jake.  I am a super sweet registered Haflinger gelding.  My registered name is Amman Caf, but I go by Jake, it suits me much better.  I was born in Wisconsin in March of 2000.  But for most of my life I have lived in Ohio with Lisa and Scott Schinness.

We did so many wonderful and fun things together.  I trail rode and I even competed at local shows and fairs.  My most favorite activity is driving.  I am really good at that.  I was donated to Fieldstone Farm in July of 2017.  My owners loved me very much, but since they were moving they knew that I needed a job.  That is when they found this great place.  I love it here.  I get so much attention.

I am approximately 15 hands tall and built like a Haflinger.  I also have the beautiful “Fabio” looking forelock.  I get compliments all the time, lol!

I really enjoy grooming and stand like a statue in the crossties.  Actually, I am very social and just love anything that you want to have me do.  I am a very versatile, easy going guy with impeccable manners.  With all these fine qualities, I know I’m a big hit around here!  I am eager to please and can’t wait to work.  I will see you out in the lessons – look for the handsome guy pulling the carriage – that will be me!

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