Mitch Tips

Mitch is a good natured, calm horse. He is very good with the more complicated students. He does like to stop and visit the horses or investigate open stalls when walking down the aisle, and can get a little strong doing this. Be sure to pay attention to him and don’t get complacent when walking down the aisle in order to prevent him from dragging you to whatever he wants to look at.

He is a “Taking the Lead” trained horse, meaning you need to get special training to lead him in class. The leader uses a whip to gently cue him during class. He can be a little lazy going into the trot, so getting a more forward walk before asking for the trot works great. He also likes to dive for grass when outside, so keeping him more in the center of the trail will help tremendously. The whip can be used to remind him what to do for both these instances.