Generously sponsored by Betsy and Charley Daane


Hey everyone! My name is Riverdance, but please call me Rudy. I was imported from Ireland as a youngster by my donor Betsy Daane. I picked her out myself – I knew she would give me a wonderful home. Boy, I was right! Together over the years we have done everything from hunter shows, dressage, fox hunting and even some casual trail riding. What a team we were. I was donated in September 2011 because I am not able to compete anymore. I injured my suspensory in 2010. Not to worry, I am recovered but I am limited to the amount of activity that I can do. It was a very hard decision for my donor to make, but because she knows how much I love to work, it was important that I have a job. I was born in 1996, so I have a lot of useful years left.

Please don’t be intimidated by my large stature, a 16.1 hand chestnut, Irish Sport Horse; I am very easy to work with. I love to be the center of attention. I enjoy being groomed, but I have sensitive skin so please watch my facial expressions and body language when grooming me. I am not afraid to express myself; it is how I talk to you. I love to work, am very steady and am a willing to please kind of guy. I have a lot of knowledge to share. I know my easygoing nature will give a lot of confidence to my independent riders. It is a huge asset and why I am quite popular here. I have a fun-loving personality which adds to my fan club. It is amazing how many people know me! I am fine with most ring activities, but please do not put any rings or things on my ears. I rely on my leader for reassurance, so if I am giving you “the look” then I need you tell me it is o.k. See you very soon!

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