Hi everyone!  My name is Sebastian.  I originally joined the team at Fieldstone Farm in June of 2016.  My donor, Julie Kleshinski of Mansfield, knew I would love this job.  She was so right!  This place is wonderful; lots of smiling faces and plenty to do.  What more could a cute guy like me ask for?

Prior to arriving at Fieldstone Farm I only had 2 owners.  My first owner did everything with me – English, Western, a little jumping, showed in 4-H and we even showed at the Ohio State Fair.  We did a lot and I loved it.  Then she went to school and Julie became my new owner.  Life was just as great with Julie.  I gave her the confidence she needed and she showered me with love and attention.

I am here to help lots of other riders.  I am a 15.1 hand sorrel/white Tobiano Paint gelding.  I was born in 1999.  I have superb ground manners and I am very easy to lead.  I am just a quiet, easy going, laid back guy.  I do know a lot and I am anxious to show my riders my skills.  I respond very well to verbal and light physical cues.  I know my stuff!

I find the ring activities very entertaining; however, I really will be good at teaching beginner independent riders.  I am a push button guy!  Wait until you see me in action.  I am just perfect all the way around.  Not to brag, but I am a versatile guy and can work in many of the programs here.

SebastianOne more thing, you might notice the scar on my left rear leg and a small one on the bridge of my nose, no worries, they are just cosmetic flaws.  Neither bothers me.

I will most definitely see you soon!

I retired from the program in 2018, I just needed a break.  I worked a lot most of my life and needed a little change.  I went to a local riding program and had lots of fun.  I came back into the program at Fieldstone in March of 2020.  I really did love my job here and I am so happy to be back!

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