Well, hi there! My name is Smoke.  I am a registered black and white Tobiano Paint gelding.  You can’t miss me as I certainly stand out in a crowd.  I was born in 2000 and I have been lucky enough to only have 2 owners.  That makes Fieldstone my third home – third time is a charm, right?!  Actually, I have had very wonderful homes with loving owners, I was lucky.  My first owner raised me from a baby.  When I was old enough we did a lot of trail riding.  Then when I was still a youngster, 6 I believe, Jodi Roof my donor acquired me.  And boy did we trail ride – big time stuff- long rides, overnight trips etc.  You name it we did it.  I certainly was able to see a lot of beautiful country.  It was so much fun and I loved every minute of it.


Then as I grew older, it became too much for my body.  My mind said, ‘go, go, go’ and my body said, ‘not so sure’ lol!  Anyways, I retired from that and have been hanging out the pasture with my buddies for the last few years.  Then Jodi found this great place, perfect fit for me, right?!  She knew I craved attention and wanted to still work.  So, at the end of June 2021, I officially became a member of the Fieldstone herd – yippee!

I have impeccable ground manners, those were instilled on me as a youngster, but that is also part of my nature.  I am very quiet, gentle and easy to work around.  I stand perfectly still to be groomed, you might even catch me closing my eyes for a sec since I am so relaxed.  I am a very patient guy just waiting for your next ask.  Being that I am a little older, I can be a little stiff when you are picking out my hooves.


I respond very well to verbal cues and it would really help me out if you use them.  Please do not put extra pressure on my head/face when you are leading me.  A gentle verbal reminder to slow down and a gentle half halt will work.  I am a forward moving horse and happy to have a job again, so I will be a bit faster than some of the others around here.  I am sure I will slow down as I get the routine.  I have a ‘peppy’ trot and it may feel strong, but just remind me verbally to slow down and I will.  I respond super quick, I aim to please!

I enjoy all the activities in the ring – quite the change from trail riding, but a good change.  I do enjoy walking on the carriage trail here, kind of brings back the memories of my youth.  You might notice when I move I do carry my head a bit higher than most, no worries, that is just what is comfortable for me.

A few more things about me; I am 16.1 hands tall which I think is a pretty decent height.  I am very sweet and an affectionate guy, but I do look to you for re-assurance at times.  I may reach around and ‘check -in’ or touch you with my nose to make sure I am doing what you are asking of me.  I will be a great addition to many of the programs here.  I am game, put me in wherever you need me!  I am really digging this round pen stuff and I have to say I getting pretty good at it.

Anyways, I still have more to learn and see since there seems to always be new and exciting stuff here.  See ya’ll soon.  I am certainly looking forward to meeting you.


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