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Generously donated by
Jodi Roof

My name is Smoke.  I am a registered black and white Tobiano Paint gelding.  You can’t miss me as I certainly stand out in a crowd.  I was born in 2000 and I have been lucky enough to only have two owners. That makes Fieldstone my third home – third time is a charm, right?!  Actually, I have had very wonderful homes with loving owners, I was lucky.  My first owner raised me from a baby.  When I was old enough, we did a lot of trail riding.  Then, when I was still a youngster, Jodi Roof, my donor, acquired me.  And boy did we trail ride – big time stuff with long rides, overnight trips, etc.  You name it and we did it.  I certainly was able to see a lot of beautiful country.  It was so much fun and I loved every minute of it.

Then as I grew older, it became too much for my body.  My mind said, ‘go, go, go’ and my body said, ‘not so sure’ lol!  I retired from that and have been hanging out in the pasture with my buddies for the last few years. Then, Jodi found this great place which is a perfect fit for me, right?!  She knew I craved attention and that I still wanted to work.  So, at the end of June in 2021, I officially became a member of the Fieldstone herd – yippee!

I have impeccable ground manners, which were instilled in me as a youngster, but are also part of my nature.  I am very quiet, gentle and easy to work around.  I stand perfectly still to be groomed. You might even catch me closing my eyes briefly since I am so relaxed.  I am a very patient guy just waiting for your next ask.  Being that I am a little older, I can be a little stiff when you are picking out my hooves.

I respond very well to verbal cues and it would really help me out if you use them.  Also, please do not put extra pressure on my head/face when you are leading me.  A gentle verbal reminder to slow down and a gentle half halt will work.  I am a forward moving horse and I’m happy to have a job again, so I will be a bit faster than some of the others around here.  I have a ‘peppy’ trot and it may feel strong, but just remind me verbally to slow down and I will.  I respond super quick because I aim to please!

I enjoy all the activities in the ring – they are quite the change from trail riding, but a good change.  I enjoy walking on the carriage trail here as it kind of brings back memories of my youth.  You might notice that when I move, I carry my head a bit higher than most other horses. Don’t worry because that is just what is comfortable for me.

A few more things about me…I am 16.1 hands tall and I look to my leader for reassurance at times.  I may reach around and ‘check -in’ or touch you with my nose to make sure I am doing what you are asking of me.  I feel that I am a great addition to the team here and I look forward to meeting everyone.

Smoke headshot in bitless