Generously sponsored by Betsy and Charley Daane

Hi there! My name is Thunder. I am a 30-inch, black, miniature horse, born in 2006. I was accepted with my buddy Lightning in October of 2019. Lightning and I grew up together. Our donors, Ellen and Dennis Tom, thought Fieldstone would be a great place for us to get lots of attention and make our careers.

I love it here! I am a short, little, petite fellow, so I walk and trot pretty slow. I have wonderful ground manners; my donors made sure of that. I know I will be an exceptional addition to the ground lesson program. I am easy to lead and I may be small, but I am very brave. All the activities are lots of fun. I especially like going outside on trails.

Because of my size and overall attitude, I am sure to be helpful with any of the outside ‘travel’ type of activities. Can’t get too much love and attention, that’s for sure!

I also was trained to pull a cart and have been to several carriage association drives. I must say, I look pretty darn cute pulling a cart! Please make sure to come visit me and my buddy; we love lots of visitors! I plan on being here for a while – I have lots of years ahead of me!

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