Annual campaign underway

Wayne petting forloc (2)Our annual campaign is off to a great start. Thank you all for your donations. Your contributions help make it possible for many to experience the therapeutic power of our horses. To give you an idea of how your support makes a difference, check out a story of one of our many students at Fieldstone Farm.

Wayne was finding his multiple therapy sessions for his cerebral palsy exhausting. His family longed for an alternative therapy where he could grow stronger while having fun. Then they found Fieldstone Farm.

Riding horses has helped Wayne build strength and balance. Our horses have even inspired him to speak. “Whoa” is now part of his vocabulary. And his confidence has soared. He rides around the farm sitting tall with a smile from ear-to-ear. The joy he feels with horses is immeasurable.

But horses became even more important to Wayne when his father suddenly died. They intuitively knew his sadness and gave him comfort, support and peace.

“We can’t imagine a life without horses for Wayne,” says Tammy, Wayne’s mom.

If you would like to donate online, please click here.