Volunteer Stories

B Gives Heart to the Farm

One day last year, Lynnette, our CEO, had the pleasure of opening up a surprising letter from a longtime volunteer.

Dear Fieldstone Staff and Board, Ed and I are happy to give last year’s donation amount, plus my salary (from Fieldstone) this year. The horses and staff do incredible work helping people. I’m so glad to be part of it. Riders Up! B and Ed Neimeier

What an incredibly generous act! Not only is B one of our “goto” volunteers working in Lynnette’s lesson, as well as with our school groups, but two years ago, she became a part-time member of our barn team. This meant that in addition to her volunteer work leading horses in classes with students, she also wore a staff hat and was bringing in horses at 6 a.m. and cleaning stalls.

We were delighted to have her help but we had no idea that she would donate her entire salary back to the farm. Wow! No one had ever done that before!

B came to the farm in 2015 initially to get her “horse fix.” She had owned horses in the past and missed being around them. But what was unexpected was how much satisfaction she received from helping our students progress in class. It was incredibly rewarding, she says.

Some of her favorite memories over the years are from our horse shows. She said it is so great to see the students all dressed up and ready to demonstrate all they have learned in front of their family, friends, instructors, volunteers and the whole Fieldstone Farm team. It’s always a day full of pride, celebration and smiles!

b fav pic