Our therapy horses are the foundation of our program

Nearly 40 horses call Fieldstone Farm home. We take great care in selecting just the right horses for our program. Each horse goes through weeks of evaluation and training before being accepted into our program. Good manners, an easy-going attitude and patience are some of the qualities that we look for in our therapy horses. It also takes a horse with the special intuition to know when a student needs a little extra attention.

Our horses come to the farm from many different backgrounds. Some were show jumpers, driving horses or dressage mounts, while others were trail or pleasure horses. They are donated because they can no longer perform in those areas or their owners are no longer able to care for them. Sometimes they are even rescued from slaughter.

We have about 20 different breeds and horses of all sizes at the farm including Quarter horses, Haflingers, Appaloosas, Welsh ponies, miniatures, Holsteiners, drafts, Paints and Thoroughbreds, among many others.

Our horses are well cared for and have meaningful work. As a result, we maintain a waiting list of potential donors. The equine management staff is highly attuned to every detail in the lives of each of our horses. If you are interested in donating a horse, please visit our horse donors page. To learn more about our horses, please check out their individual stories below.

Past Horses


Our Summer Surprise

One July Sunday, when our equine director was checking the horses before she left for the day, she noticed something unusual. Rose, a relatively new horse to the barn, was displaying a few typical signs of pregnancy. Could this be possible?