Videos and Activities

We have created some activities and videos about horses for you and your family to enjoy. Check them out below. Also visit our Meet our Horses and Horse Video pages for more detailed information on our horses.

Activities and Worksheets

Grooming Lesson Directions
Name the grooming tools worksheet
Grooming tool unscramble
Grooming tools matching worksheet

Tack Checklist Activity for Groups
Tack Checklist words
Tack Checklist horse
Tack Checklist 6-10
Tack Checklist 1-5
Tack Checklist horse blank
Tack Cheat-sheet
Tack Checklist pieces

Horse Behavior
Ears Lvl 1
Ears lvl 2
Ears lvl 2-3
Ears Lvl 1 key
Ears lvl 2 key

Measuring Horses
Horses or ponies digital
Measuring in hands handout
height and weight math
Height and Age

Horse Anatomy
Parts wordsearch- key
Parts wordsearch
Multiple choice horse level 1
Horse Parts Multiple Choice Level 1-key
Horse parts, tracing worksheet.alt
Leg matching
Build a horse cut-outs
Build a horse paste sheet
Fill in the blank horse parts
Fill in the blank horse parts key
Horse Parts Multiple Choice Level 1
Leg matching key

Face Markings
Naming Face Markings
Horse Markings VL
Horse Markings Matching
Horse Markings Matching key
Face markings tracing
Drawing leg markings VL
Pin the Star on the Horse
Markings Scavenger Hunt

Horse Teeth
Teeth worksheet opt. 1 key
Teeth worksheet opt. 1
Teeth worksheet opt. 2
Teeth worksheet opt. 2 key
Teeth worksheet opt. 3
Teeth worksheet opt. 3 key
Teeth worksheet

Horse Hooves
horseshoe addition
Horse shoes worksheet
Hoof parts matching opt. 3
Hoof parts matching
Hoof parts matching opt. 3 key
Hoof parts matching opt. 2 key
Hoof parts matching opt. 2
Hoof parts matching key
Hoof parts labeling key
Hoof parts labeling