How to Enroll

Thank you for your interest. Currently we have a wait list of students and are not conducting new assessments. We hope to open up to more students as soon as possible. Please submit your application and we will keep you updated. Follow these steps:

Step 1
Contact Katy at (440) 708-0013 x145 or She will explain the class options, fees and the steps to enroll.

Step 2
Complete our registration forms which you can find here.

Step 3
Send your completed registration forms to Katy one of the following three ways:

  1. Fax to (440) 708-0029
  2. Scan and email to
  3. Mail to 16497 Snyder Road, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

Step 4
Katy will contact you to schedule an assessment (usually takes about an hour) at Fieldstone. We complete assessments of all potential students to ensure we can serve each student’s individual needs. Once the assessment is complete and it is determined we can meet the student’s needs, we will enroll the student in a class if there is an opening or put them on our waiting list.

For more information, click here for our student handbook.