Butterscotch and donor 2

Butterscotch Finds a Home

Every Saturday morning, Dennis comes to the barn with a pinkish red Honeycrisp apple and a few peppermints in his pocket for Butterscotch, the horse he donated in memory of his wife, Jan. Reuniting with the horse each week is a great source of comfort.

Learning to ride was on Jan’s bucket list before she died. Once she started, she wanted a horse of her own. She was smitten when she first saw Butterscotch, a Kentucky Mountain Horse, dapper in his champagne coat with four black socks. His fine bones and sweet face made him irresistible. Also, at just 14 hands tall, he was an easy mount for her, which was important because she wore a brace on one leg as a result of her bone loss from cancer treatments as a child.

Sadly, Jan’s riding years were limited. Her cancer returned. Her equine buddy brightened her days though, even during the darkest times. She and her husband would visit Butterscotch with her little chocolate Chihuahua, Tugg. She loved him very much and made Dennis promise
to find Butterscotch a good home after she was gone.

Dennis found that loving home at Fieldstone where Butterscotch is part of the equine therapy team. To no surprise, he’s become a favorite and is just the right size for many of our riders.

When Dennis first toured Fieldstone, he was moved by the drawings and notes which decorated each horse’s stall. Today, during his weekly visits, he finds the same adoring messages left for Butterscotch, and he knows Jan would be happy.