Ernest from newsletter

Horses transform Ernest’s life

“Coming to Fieldstone, allows me to take a vacation from my chronic pain,” Ernest says, explaining how our therapy horses have helped him heal both physically and mentally. “They have transformed my life!”

Ernest, a Vietnam veteran, first came to Fieldstone Farm as part of our Veterans Administration program. “I had never really processed my feelings from Vietnam,” he said. “I was in denial.”

Through working with horses, Ernest was able to sort out his feelings and start to heal. Scores of veterans have come to Fieldstone Farm and found the same success.

The program helped Ernest so much that now he is giving back to others and is a volunteer at Fieldstone Farm in the therapeutic riding and carriage driving program. He enjoys helping others find confidence, courage and independence, like he did. He recalls how he helped a veteran who is a triple amputee hold the reins while carriage driving and how they both felt such joy in this accomplishment.

Volunteer since 2013.