Justin leading a horse with a riding student

Justin’s life has changed

Justin came to Fieldstone Farm after reading an article about the positive effects of volunteering. His father had died unexpectedly and he had been searching for ways to get his life back on track.

Turns out, volunteering here was one of the best decisions of his life. “This place will change you,” he says crediting the Farm with helping him cope with the death of his dad. Watching the challenges these students face, and then having the opportunity to help them on horseback is incredibly rewarding, he says. “It puts everything in perspective.”

Justin marvels at how one of his students, Tim, has progressed. He is stronger, more confident and in their four years working together, they have become good friends. Justin says one of his most important jobs is to make sure Tim has fun at the farm while he is working with the horses. Often you will see them together laughing and smiling.

“Working here is therapy for the volunteers too. I always leave this place smiling,” says Justin.