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Tim connects with horses

“I think I get as much if not more from the experience with horses as the people that I am helping,” Tim says.

You never know how a chance meeting might change your life. For Tim, running into Marcy, one of his neighbors who is also an instructor at Fieldstone, was that moment. She knew he had recently retired and asked if he would like to volunteer at the farm.

That was the invitation Tim needed. After spending 35 years as a teacher at Hudson Middle School and recently stepping away from breeding horses, he was looking for something meaningful to do with his time. He started volunteering with our school groups, then expanded to help with our veterans’ groups and now, he is also part of our Equine Management Team, assisting with horse training, saddle fitting and other
tasks around the farm.

But it wasn’t until his knee surgery last spring that he himself started riding here to help with his strength, flexibility and posture. His doctor was pleased with his progress. Then, unrelated, he was diagnosed with Guillain Barre syndrome and suddenly wasn’t able to walk. Thankfully, he bounced back quickly and as soon as he could, he was back volunteering and riding again. The riding has helped Tim a
great deal with both of his recoveries.

Tim loves being reconnected with horses and rides to keep up his strength after his most recent dramatic health issue. He has learned a lot about the power of the horse and human bond that he carries with him as he works with our horses and the students here at the farm.

We are so thankful to Tim and all of the volunteers who make our program possible.