Jeeval smiling

Thank you for your gifts

Jeeval kissing a horseDec. 11, 2018 — Our annual campaign is underway and thank you to all who have already contributed. We are grateful! Your donations help make it possible for our students to experience the therapeutic and healing power of our horses. To give you an idea of how your support makes a difference, check out the story of Jeeval, one of our many students at Fieldstone Farm.

Jeeval was five when she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder which causes learning delays, lack of coordination, muscle and nerve pain, head and stomach aches, and an overall feeling of fatigue. Eager to find therapies to help their daughter, Niketa and Anand learned about therapeutic riding and saw the benefits right away. 

Jeeval’s parents say their experience at Fieldstone Farm has been central to her success as it integrates all of her therapies. Through riding, Jeeval has improved her muscle tone, eye-hand coordination and balance. She also has gained confidence and developed social skills which has helped her to better communicate, manage transitions and advocate for herself.

Beyond that, Fieldstone Farm is a place where she feels she belongs. You can see it when she walks into the barn greeting everyone in her path with a big smile, an enthusiastic “Hello!” and a warm hug. Seeing Jeeval so happy and confident at the farm has impacted her entire family. This joy was celebrated at our recent horse show when she won high-placing ribbons for her ride.

Jeeval is one of more than 1,300 students who experience healing with the help of our horses each year. If you would like to support our annual campaign and students like Jeeval, click here to donate. 

Jeeval riding a horse