therapy horse Diego


Well howdy folks, my name is Diego. I am a cute black stocky Percheron Haflinger cross fellow. I was born in 2009 and stand about 14.3 hands tall. That size makes me quite the versatile guy. I can be ridden and driven. I was accepted into the program at the end of 2021. Prior to my arrival I had mostly been driven. We just polished up my riding skills bit when I arrived. I am a quick learner and just want to please so that was a pretty easy thing for me to catch onto.

I am a very perceptive guy and pay close attention to you and everything going on. Sometimes I need a little reassurance to let me know I am doing a good job. I have impeccable manners. I am very responsive to verbal cues, so please don’t forget to use them with me.

I am great with all the activities in the ring. I also enjoy a good grooming. You will see me in various programs around here since I have a lot to give to the team. I love love love to drive, so you don’t want to miss seeing me in action there. But, overall I just really enjoy working and having a purpose in life. I have a lot I can teach and give back to my students.

You won’t miss me in the barn aisle – I am always watching with my cute willing eyes and face to see if you are coming for me!

Diego 1