Hi all! My name is Harmony Farm’s Dillon – just call me Dillon. I know my name well and really enjoy when you talk to me when working with me. I am a registered bay tobiano Spotted Draft gelding. I was born in 2006, I am a youngster.

Before coming to Fieldstone Farm, I only had one owner, Kevin Coleman from Hanoverton. He raised me and then I came to this great place in May 2012. I absolutely love it here! I was born to be around lots of people and get lots of attention. You will soon see when you work with me! At my previous home, I was the ‘little’ guy and too small for the hitch my owner had. But here, I am one of the ‘big’ guys. Please don’t be intimidated by my height and size. I know I am 16.3 hands tall but, I am a big teddy bear. I am very laid back and easy going. My temperament makes me ‘perfect’ for this job. I love to please and always want to do the right thing. I could stand there all day while you groom me. I have to say I am a pretty handsome fellow all cleaned up!

Since I am young and new to this line of work it will still take me some time to see everything here. I am great with all the activities in the ring and of course super with my ground manners. I enjoy walking on the carriage trail and checking out the sensory course. I will need an experienced volunteer to show me the ropes. I am a quick learner. Please make sure you give me verbal cues and let me know I did a good job. Even though I am large, I do stay in my space when you are leading me. I know it is tempting to get close to me because I am so cute but please don’t teach me any bad manners. I want to stay here awhile. I love to look around when we are working in the ring, guess I am just a social guy and need to see everything. Thanks for helping me do well – see you very soon!


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