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Generously donated by
Daryl Whitmoyer

Generously sponsored by
Mary Bland

Well, hey there everybody! My registered name with The Jockey Club is Scout’s Honor, but you can call me Rascal. My name fits me well. I am “Mr. Personality,” but I am sure it won’t take you long to figure that out. I was born in 2002 and I’m a bay, 15.2 hand Thoroughbred gelding. Oh, and did I mention that I am very cute too?

My donor, Daryl Whitmoyer, thought that this would be the perfect place for me. And she was right. I love it here! I have lots of friends to play with and there are so many people giving me attention every day.

Prior to arriving at Fieldstone Farm in 2008, I was shown in Adult Hunters. Due to an accident in the early part of 2007, I am no longer able to jump. That is okay; I still have lots of talent on the flat. I like to teach younger riders because I think my even, easy going temperament helps build their confidence.

I have won several awards but don’t worry because it hasn’t gone to my head…yet. Just kidding. In 2013, I won the Thoroughbred of the Year Award through the Jockey Club. Then in May of 2014, I won Smartpak’s Horse of the Month. Clearly everyone can see my natural born talent. Then to top it all off, I won the PATH Intl Region 4 Equine of the Year award. I am really making my mark and so happy to be a part of this team that made it all happen. Thanks everyone for the support!

You will notice that I wear bell boots; they protect my heels and help keep my shoes on my front hooves. I can play a little rough outside. I stand well for grooming, but please don’t curry very hard. We sensitive Thoroughbreds can’t handle it. You may notice that I may act a little playful and do things such as trying to chew my reins or lead line – I’m just excited to be working.

From time to time, I have a small haze in my left eye. Don’t worry because I can see everything just fine. I get a little inflammation/irritation in that eye. I am sure I will meet you all very soon! If you are strolling down the aisle and notice a wiggly nose coming thru the feed hole – it would be me saying hello!