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Hi there, my name is Ranger. I was accepted into the program in October of 2021. I have to say, I am a pretty cool laid-back guy. I know I am built solid and I stand about 16.1 hands tall, but don’t let that intimidate you! I am very easygoing and just want to please. I respond extremely well to verbal cues.

You probably won’t see a lot of others like me as I am very unique. I’m a Suffolk Punch and Quarter Horse cross. I was born in 2007 and I ride and drive. I am very excited to put my talents to good use here.

I have very good manners and I do enjoy grooming. A couple things you may notice about me is that my eyes may tear from time to time – I have allergies. The other is that I have some old, hard splints on my front legs (those hard lumps on the inside of both of my front legs, just below my knees). Please don’t worry, they don’t bother me at all. They definitely won’t keep me from doing my new job!

A few more things about me that I would like to share – I am very good with most of the ring activities because I have seen a lot in my life. Also, when leading me, I am very mindful of my space. I know I am a big guy, but don’t forget to give me verbal guidance. I plan on being around here for a while – I just love it!

Duke and Ranger