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Hi everyone, I am Romeo. I was born in Sweden in 2004. In 2007, as a youngster, I was imported to the U.S. where I began some dressage training. After a couple of short years of that under by belt, I started on my next career path as a Hunter/Jumper. My donors Wendy & Gaby Harris thought I would be the perfect horse for them. Young, talented, handsome, full of potential and lots of personality as well; quite the package. Unfortunately, the jumping became a little too much for my rear legs and I was unable to compete consistently. I was bummed; I loved showing and was quite good at it. After a very long and emotionally hard decision they decided I needed something else. In August 2015, they decided to donate me to Fieldstone Farm. Now that I am here, they are extremely happy for me because I love it and I now have a job.

As I mentioned, I am a registered Swedish warmblood bay gelding. My registered name is Nassau; I am referred to though as Romeo – taken from my show name “Neverending Romance.” I like that much better and it totally fits me. I am 17 hands tall; yes, I have some long legs. Not to worry, I am a gentleman. I always lower my head for the halter or bridle. I was taught to have excellent manners. I have one minor character flaw. I like to lick you, if I can, while you are grooming me. Please do not encourage this behavior. I just can’t help myself though. I am such a people oriented horse that thrives on attention. I stand very well for grooming and bathing otherwise. I am very good with all the activities in the lessons; it keeps it exciting. I may even try and participate in the games too – that is just part of my social personality. Going outside on trail and the sensory course is tons of fun too. I really like being here because there is always something to do and I like to be busy!

As my leader you should know that I do have a big stride compared to many of the other shorter horses here. I am not fast to trot, just my long legs carrying me over more ground quicker. I am easy to lead. When you trot with me though, please do not try and pull on my lead line to slow me down. A gentle half halt and verbal cues work the best. I am a gentle giant who is eager to please you. You may not even need to worry about keeping up with my trot because I am such a rock solid easy going guy. I am perfect for independent riders.

Oh, I almost forgot. I wear bell boots on my front hooves for protection. I will need those for class. You will find them in the barn with my name with everyone else’s bell boots.

I will see you soon!

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