therapy horse Rose


Well hello there, my name is Cactus Rose, but please call me Rose. I am a registered Suffolk Punch sorrel mare. You don’t see a lot of my breed around. I am the typical build and size for a Suffolk. We were built to be sturdy. I am 15.3 hands tall and a pretty solid gal. I was born in 2006. I have had a lot of experience over the years driving.

I arrived here near the end of 2021. I just love it here. I get lots of attention, what girl wouldn’t love that! I stand very still for grooming, good thing because there is lots of me to groom. No need to pick my hooves for class, those are done at the beginning of the day.

I am a very laid back, easy going gal. I don’t move as fast as some of the others around here when I am being led or ridden. I do tend to prefer my driving classes a bit more, so you will notice I am a little more forward. I have had a lot more experience driving than riding. Everyone has something they like a little better than other things, right?!

Anyways, I am a pretty straight-forward lady. Please use your verbal cues with me and don’t forget to give me enough time to respond – it takes a moment to get this big girl’s body moving, lol! Sometimes I forget how strong I can be because of it, so you may have to remind me from time to time to be mindful of my space.

I know everyone here is going to enjoy working with me since I am such a rock solid gal. Did I mention pretty too?! Just kidding, I am a super smart girl and enjoy the work I am doing.

Rose surprised us in the Summer of 2022 when we found out she was pregnant. Read the story here.

Rose was featured in our Winter 2022 Newsletter. Read about her Surprise in this great story.

Rose closer up