Generously sponsored by Betsy & Charley Daane

Hey there, y’all! My name is Tex, well, my registered name is Bubby’s Buddy – kind of silly, huh?! So, please call me Tex. I will give you one guess of where I was born and raised? I am an Appendix Quarter gentleman born in 2007 and raised in, got you, Idaho! I started my life as a working ranch horse as soon as I was old enough to be ridden. Please notice the brand on my left hip. That is very common for big ranches to do to all their horses. Great means of easy identification.

I am a flashy sorrel guy that is about 15.1 hands tall. I was donated to Fieldstone in January 2020. My donors, Will, Louise  and Christina Fraser of Chardon, thought I would be a wonderful addition. Since they had donated one of their other horses, Star, many moons ago. They knew what exceptional care I would receive here. The Frasier’s bought me when I was still a youngster from a girl that was contesting me. That was no fun – I don’t like to run like that. The Frasier’s taught me Dressage. I excelled and cleaned up in the show ring. They also took me to as many places as they could to trail ride. I was able to see so much!

I have one minor flaw but I have been cleared for this work by the great people at the Equine Specialty Hospital. I have an irregular airway so when asked to “frame up” and work at upper level dressage I make a funny noise when I breathe. Not to worry, I will be fine being a therapy horse for walk, trot and canter riders.

I am very good with most of the activities in the ring except, I prefer you to not put rings or things on my ears. I have a very strong work ethic and I aim to please. I love to be groomed and stand very well when you are cleaning me up.

I am excited to be here. I know I still have a lot to learn. I know with all your help and guidance I will adjust very well. Please keep in mind that I am a little younger than some of the guys here. I also have a natural, forward and active gait – both at the walk and trot. So please don’t hang on my head or continue to pull on me to slow me down – that is my gait. I guess you might need some good running shoes to keep up!

I know I will be a great horse to help teach independent riders. I may, though, need a little re-assurance from my volunteer from time to time. I just want to please – so if you can be patient and understanding with me I would appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing you very soon! I am very excited to have a new career where I am around so many people!

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