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Generously donated by
Judy Fishman

Hey everyone my name is Willy. I am a registered dun, 29-inch miniature horse.  Yes, 29 inches is pretty small! Some of you probably have dogs taller than me.  I am registered with the American Miniature Horse Association under the name Square H Watch Me, but I am called Willy for short.

I was donated by Judy Fishman in February of 2010 with my best friend, Sonny. In fact, we are like brothers as we have been together since we were very young.

I was born in 1993 and have had quite a busy life. As a youngster I was shown in hand at the fair and boy, did I clean up!  It is because I am so cute. After my showing days, I visited nursing homes, participated in a few birthday parties and parades, and even spent some time in a camp program. While at camp I became injured. I was kicked in the right shoulder by a horse and it dislocated my shoulder. Luckily, I have healed fine.  You should see me race from one end of the arena to the other – you can’t even tell I was hurt.  However, from time to time after a lot of running you may see me limp a little at the trot. No worries, I get lots of love and attention here in the ground lesson program.

I stand like a statue to be groomed and fussed over.  I even get to go into the classroom at times and I am one of the stars of our Mobile Mini Program, traveling around town to schools, retirement homes and TV stations. Yes, I have been on TV. But my talent doesn’t stop there. I also have excellent ground manners, which make me very easy to lead.  I am a perfect little gentleman! I know I will see you all soon. I will be watching for you!