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Hi, my name is Xena.  I officially became a member of the Fieldstone team in February of 2019.  I am an eye catching, black and white Tobiano Spotted Draft mare with bright blue eyes.  You certainly won’t miss me in the barn.  I am a sturdily built gal, standing about 15.2 hands tall.  I was born in 2005 and have been an Amish work horse most of my life.  I have been ridden around the farm and on trail but nothing formal.  I have gained more experience as a riding horse since arriving here.

I respond very well to verbal cues.  I am easy to lead and work around.  I still need a little more practice in hoof picking etiquette.  I am very good with my front hooves but I’m still learning how to pick up and hold my rear hooves.  They are working consistently with me on this, so no need to worry about rear hoof picking as it will be taken care of.

I am good with most of the games and activities in the ring.  Everything looks a little different when you don’t have a driving bridle on.  Overall, I am a very laid back, easy going gal who is certain to be a favorite with my good looks, personality and versatility.  I know that I have found a great career here!  See you soon!

Xena in snow