Cherry leading a student on a horse

Cherry believes in the power of a horse

When Cherry first stepped foot on the farm in 2010, she knew little about horses. She had no idea how these four-legged creatures would become such a huge part of her life.

Now a fixture here, you will see Cherry volunteering with students, leading horses and helping care for our herd, as well as playing a vital role in fundraising.

Her dedication and passion are incredible. Several times a week, Cherry arrives at 6 a.m. and helps our barn team bring in horses from the pastures and fill water buckets.

Cherry wholeheartedly believes in our mission. She says watching people’s lives change while working with horses has been an awesome experience. She’s had challenges of her own, as a breast cancer survivor and having lost her mom at the age of nine, and she understands firsthand how the bond with a horse can help. She has seen veterans feel the warmth of a horse and break down in tears as they release pent up emotions. She has witnessed the smiles of joy on the faces of children when they learn to trot for the first time. And she has watched a timid young boy blossom into a confident, courageous, kind, young man.

It is these types of rewarding moments, and the extraordinary horses that make them possible, that keep her coming back each week. Thank you, Cherry!

Volunteer since 2010