Jean and Romeo

Jean puts heart into Fieldstone

Jean gets as much out of volunteering as the students and horses she helps. When she steps into the barn and smells the horses, she immediately feels relaxed. “I love it here. Working with the students and horses, I forget about my problems and feel calm and happy,” says Jean.

She works with many students but veterans have made the biggest impression. They often arrive tense and a little skeptical about how horses can help. By the end of the session you see their mood change and they are smiling and more open and relaxed.

Jean has become good friends with other volunteers and staff who have been supportive of her through tough times, including a divorce. “It meant a lot that people cared,” she says.

Jean is one of our most dedicated volunteers, coming six days a week. She helps in every type of class from carriage driving to therapeutic riding and horsemanship. She also cares for the horses, turning them out, grooming them and anything else that is needed.

Thank you Jean!

“Jean is one of those quiet, unsung heroes of Fieldstone. She is so dedicated and we are fortunate to have her on our team!” says Lisa, Manager of Volunteer Services.