Chefs Unbridled, Postponed to 2022

With so much uncertainty and the feedback of concerns from our donors, we are postponing this year’s Chefs Unbridled event.  We feel strongly that we should not focus our efforts on planning the party but instead, work to maintain our services to our students and the community as safely as possible.  At this time, we have approximately 65% of our students back in lessons.  It’s wonderful to see.  We hope we may be able to have 100% of our students back by early 2022 if not sooner but this is all dependent on the safety mandates. Our dedication remains solid as we continue to reach all of our students in creative and innovative ways through in-person lessons, telehealth programs, virtual lessons and online instruction.

In an incredible show of support, many of our sponsors have committed to supporting Fieldstone Farm in lieu of the event. We extend a huge thank you to our amazing group of sponsors listed below. If you would like to make a donation to support our programs this year, please contact or click here. We look forward to welcoming you all to a wonderful Chefs Unbridled in 2022 – one that is safe, fun and celebrates Fieldstone Farm and our students.





Buckley King

Betsy & Charley Daane


Katy & Jim Donohue

Margo Parr & Tony Drew

Jane Temple & Jonathan Forman

Leslie & Al Kantra

Vanessa Mavec & Woods King

Kuhn Family Foundation

Manning & John Kundtz

Simone & Craig Nielsen

Tammie & Kurt Packer

Pat & Ed Pavlish

Maria & Matt Schupp

Shari & Jeff Weeden

Lisa & Allen Wiant

Wolf Family Foundation