Howdy, y’all! I am very pleased to meet you and to have been donated to this great program in May of 2019. My registered name with the AQHA is Fax My Asset, but please call me Fax. I was born in 2002 and have led a very fulfilling life. I have been shown western pleasure in 4-H, open shows and youth shows. My donor, Jill McLaughlin, spent a lot of time with me and knew this would be the most perfect place for me. See, she donated her previous horse in 2002 and knew I would get the best care and attention. I can’t thank her enough – I love it!

I am a handsome bay, 15.1 hand, gentleman with the most perfect ground manners. I love to work and especially enjoy being the center of attention. I am great with all the ring activities and certainly enjoy heading out on the trails and sensory courses. I stand like a rock to be groomed and am quite easy to lead. Please keep in mind that I am a ‘Western’ horse who rides ‘English’ too. I prefer little contact on my face/mouth. I neck rein incredibly well, in addition to being very responsive to my rider’s leg and verbal cues. I am pretty much a ‘push button’ ride. I do move slow, so please do not drag me along or pull on my head. I can’t think of anything else to tell you about myself, but I am sure I will get to know all of you soon! I am sure to be a favorite since I am such a well-rounded, easy-going, eager to please, guy!

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