Tessa finds her smile

Most days are challenging for Tessa. She has a mental health condition that makes controlling her emotions difficult. She can often be irritable, impulsive and angry, which means that finding peace and joy in everyday activities can be a struggle. Riding at Fieldstone Farm has helped to change that. Since her first day at the farm, Tessa has found her smile. She walks in the door and waits patiently for her horse. Once she begins riding, she beams, happily follows instructions and enjoys being “in the moment” with her horse. Tessa’s mom loves seeing
her so relaxed and at ease. A big breakthrough came this past summer at her first horse show at the Chagrin Hunter Jumper Classic. Tessa rode her therapy horse, Anna, and together, they won two ribbons, a first and a second place! Her smile lit up the whole arena. Her mom and dad were so happy they cried with joy. It was a moment they will never forget. It is awesome to witness how horses profoundly impact the lives of people with mental health challenges. Horses help process emotions, reduce stress, improve communication and coping skills,
build trust, overcome fears and provide a respite from the trials of everyday life.

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